The Linnehan family started in the used vehicle business over 55 years ago in Ellsworth, Maine and have owned and operated multiple new vehicle franchises during that time period from Rambler and AMC to Cadillac and Ford. In 1990, Linnehans Credit Now! Auto Company was established as a used-vehicle-only dealership and continues to provide transportation for thousands of customers each year from several locations in the state of Maine.

In 1992, Atlantic Acceptance Corp. was established to provide financing for Linnehans customers that were unable to obtain traditional vehicle loans. It continues to be the largest privately owned used car finance company in the state of Maine.
In early 2000, a software development team was established to produce a complete dealer management software package that would become part of our existing Great Plains accounting software package for Linnehans Credit Now! Auto Company and Atlantic Acceptance Corp. As we continued to develop our software for in-house use during the next 2 years, we realized that there was a market among used vehicle dealers that was not being completely served by a single, affordable, and fully functional piece of software.

In early 2002, USA Computer Systems was incorporated and charged with the task of developing a comprehensive used vehicle dealership management software suite that would also be backed by a nationally recognized accounting solution provider, Great Plains Software. The first step toward this goal was accomplished when USA Computer Systems became a Great Plains Software Partner in April of 2002.

Great Plains Software was purchased by Microsoft later that year and its diverse product line became part of Microsoft Business Solutions. USA Computer Systems' goal continued to be the development of a single, scalable and consolidated solution for all used vehicle dealers with an additional emphasis on dealers that provided their own in-house financing for non-traditional credit customers. Our continued partnership with Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics™ allows USA Computer Systems to make available to its customers exciting integrations with the Microsoft Office Suite, MapPoint, and CRM.

USA Computer Systems has been able to bring the combined expertise of Linnehan's Credit Now! Auto Company and Atlantic Acceptance Corporation to bear on this task. These two companies form the backbone of our in-house testing for all current software development projects. Both of these companies have been using several of our Dealer Management modules for Microsoft Dynamics™ GP for over the last 4 years. Updates for USA Computer Systems software modules are put into production in our own companies before being released to our customers.

USA Computer Systems continues to refine its current product line and look to the future development projects that will increase the dealer principle's control, profitability and return on investment.

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